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Product code:TRAGLO43889
EAN code:5907512849965
RMS Satellite power (W):2 x 10
RMS Subwoofer power (W):15
RMS power set (W):35
Transfer band (Hz - kHz):20 - 20
Connection way:mini-jack
Satelite material:wood
Phone output:no
Remote control:No
Subwoofer material:Wood
Audio device type:2.1
Length of the product without packaging (cm):21
Width of the product without packaging (cm):21
Height of product without packaging (cm):25,5
Length of the product packaging (cm):31
Width of the product packaging (cm):36,5
Height of the product packaging (cm):34
Volume (cm3):38094,81
Master carton capacity (pcs):2,00
Master carton length (cm):56,5
Master carton width (cm):29
Master carton high (cm):46,5
Gross weight:4400,000
Unit of gross weight:Gram
Net weight:4050,000
Unit of net weight:Gram
Master carton weight (gram):10800,000
Number of items on pallet:40