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Product code:A4TMYS45170
EAN code:4711421919432
Polling rate (Hz):125-1000
Wire length:1,8
Number of buttons:8
Software:Drivers on the website
CPI / DPI Resolution:800/1000/1200/1600/4000
Weights set:No
Changing colors in different DPI modes:Yes
Life expectancy (mln clicks):20
Maximum resolution dpi:4000
Ergonomic form factor:Right handed
Mouse sensor:Avago 3050 HD Optical
Surface finish:Matt
Macros management:Yes
mouse backlight:NEON (RGB effect)
Slides:Metal studs -10 times more durable and 20% faster
DPI switch:Yes
Braided cable:Yes
Light Strike Technology:Yes
Length of the product without packaging (cm):12,500
Width of the product without packaging (cm):7,000
Height of product without packaging (cm):4,500
Length of the product packaging (cm):22,000
Width of the product packaging (cm):16,000
Height of the product packaging (cm):6,500
Volume (cm3):2930,80
Master carton capacity (pcs):20,00
Master carton length (cm):36,000
Master carton width (cm):34,500
Master carton high (cm):48,000
Gross weight:365,000
Unit of gross weight:Gram
Net weight:154,000
Unit of net weight:Gram
Master carton weight (gram):7000,000
Number of items on pallet:440