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Product code:A4TKLA45173
EAN code:4711421919920
Wire length:1,8
Number of multimedia buttons:7
Mechanism:Membrane + Mechanical: Infrared
Software:Drivers on the website
Key drop:classic
Keyboard type:full-sized
USB Port:No
Win lock:Yes
Anti ghosting:Yes
Backlight mode:3
Adjusting the backlight intensity:Yes
Macros management:Yes
Spill-resistant design:Yes
Wrist pad:Yes
Illuminated keys:Multicolor
Braided cable:Yes
Light Strike Technology:Yes
Silicon Anti-Slipper:Yes
Gaming Silikon Keys:Yes (4 keys)
Switch type:Light Strike (black)
Length of the product without packaging (cm):49,000
Width of the product without packaging (cm):23,000
Height of product without packaging (cm):4,500
Length of the product packaging (cm):50,000
Width of the product packaging (cm):24,000
Height of the product packaging (cm):5,000
Volume (cm3):7192,49
Master carton capacity (pcs):10,00
Master carton length (cm):51,300
Master carton width (cm):50,000
Master carton high (cm):27,500
Gross weight:1260,000
Unit of gross weight:Gram
Net weight:1100,000
Unit of net weight:Gram
Master carton weight (gram):13400,000
Number of items on pallet:200